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segunda-feira, 13 de abril de 2015

World Military Expenditure 2014 - Military investment is still a significant global problem | Pax Christi

World Military Expenditure 2014 - Military investment is still a significant global problem | Pax Christi: On this Global Day of Action on Military Spending, 13 April 2015, Pax Christi International expresses deep concern about the scandal of excessive military spending in a world where human and ecological well-being are in dire need of investment. Figures recently published by SIPRI, the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, estimate world military expenditures in real terms for 2014 at roughly $ 1.8 trillion, a significant increase from the already shocking $ 1.75 trillion spent in 2013.

The top 10 spenders in 2014 are the United States (USA), China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, France, United Kingdom, India, Germany, Japan and South Korea. Although the USA has decreased its military expenditure to some extent due to limits imposed by Budget Control Act, China and Russia, but especially Saudi Arabia, have significantly increased their budgets.

While Western Europe’s military expenditures have continued to fall due to austerity measures, spending increased again in Central Europe, led by Poland. Military expenditures in Ukraine are significantly higher and there are signs that the crisis over Ukraine is leading to a further increase spending in many Central European and Nordic countries in 2015.

SIPRI figures point to large increases in military spending in Eastern Europe, including in Russia and Ukraine, in the Middle East and in Africa, both Northern and sub-Saharan. A significant increase is also evident in Asia and Oceania, led by China.

Pax Christi International is very concerned about and wishes to bring attention to the increasing military expenditures in the following regions and countries:

  • Africa (significant increase). Top 5 spenders in 2014 are Algeria, Angola, Morocco, South Africa and Libya. Increasing military expenditure in Republic of Congo, Namibia, Zambia, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Tunisia, Seychelles, Algeria, Cape Verde, Tanzania and South Sudan. 
  • Middle East (significant increase). Top 5 spenders are Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Turkey, Israel and Iran. Increase in Lebanon and Iraq. 
  • Asia and Oceania (significant increase). Top 5 are China, Japan, India, South Korea and Australia. Increase in Brunei, Papua New Guinea, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan and Cambodia. 
  • Europe. Top 5 are Russia, France, United Kingdom, Germany and Italy. Increase in Ukraine, Montenegro, Poland and Malta. 
  • Central and South America. Top 5 are Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela and Chili. Increase in Paraguay and Mexico. 

Roughly three-quarters of all countries in the world imported major conventional weapons during 2010-2014. Just 10 countries accounted for roughly half of all imports of major conventional weapons during this period. The USA and Russia dominate global arms exports concerning major conventional weapons. The USA accounted for 31 % and Russia has 27 % of the market (2010 – 2014). ...

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